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Barack Obama walks into a bar…

In response to Derb’s challenge

Barack Obama walks into a bar.
“I’ll have a club soda,” he says to the bartender. “But it’s not because I secretly belong to a religion that forbids the consumption of alcohol, and I think your raised eyebrow in response to my order fueled some misconceptions about me.”

UPDATE: This one from reader Joe is good.

Barack Obama walks into a bar.  The bartender says to him, “What’ll you have, Mr. Obama?”  Barack beams at him, “Why don’t call me Mr. Obama, good barkeep. Call me Barry.  I’ll have a Tom Collins.”  Obama takes out a sawbuck and places it on the bar as the bartender returns with his drink.  Obama looks at it then looks at the bartender and grins.  ”Thanks,” he says as his lifts the glass and takes a sip.  His grin vanishes as he sprays the liquid onto the bartender.  Wiping his face, the bartender, growls, “What’s the matter, you don’t like the drink?”  ”It’s not that.  That’s just not the Tom Collins I knew.”


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