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Barack Obama’s Trial-Lawyer Joke

President Obama, telling jokes at the Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner the other night:

Now, one person that you know could not be here tonight is Secretary Hillary Clinton.  As most of you know, Hillary broke her elbow a few days ago on her way to the White House.  And we all wish her a very speedy recovery.  I do have to say, though, that while it’s been reported as an accident, there were some suspicious.  (Laughter.)  Just before the incident, Secret Service spotted Richard Holbrooke spraying WD-40 — (laughter) — all over the driveway.  (Laughter.)  

It’s funny. But it’s also a little weird that the president can joke about his special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan seeking to injure his Secretary of State, presumably in reference to his irrepressible ambition and devious, cutthroat approach to turf battles, and everyone seems to think it’s normal. Did Lincoln tell these kinds of jokes about his Team of Rivals?

So now, on top of the costs of health care and energy and the recovery plan, we’ve got another fiscal problem.  Fortunately, the lawyers tell me that Hillary is ready to settle. (Laughter.)

Ha ha! Oh, those darn trial lawyers! Boy, if only some political figure could do something about ambulance chasers and frivolous lawsuits . . .


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