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Beating Dodd Will Probably Be Easier Than Taking Bleach to the Face

The troubles of Sen. Chris Dodd (D., Conn.) have been a hot topic this cycle, and our friend Larry Kudlow has been mentioned as a possible challenger.

But a more traditional choice — already leading polls against Dodd by a hair– has made it official: Former congressman Rob Simmons is in.

Last summer, Simmons joined the NRO crew for a Red Meat taping, describing what it is like to be hit in the face with bleach by a lefty/anarchist protester.

UPDATE: Ouch. The local press gives Dodd advice:

No, the main issue you have to resolve with voters centers on your long, drawn-out, no-shot run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2007, during which you actually rented a house in Iowa and moved your family there.
I mean, you were polling between an asterisk and the margin of error at the time, and yet you chose to do this. Frankly, people were offended you preferred to be there rather than here. And we won’t even talk about all the missed Senate votes.
The first thing you need to do as part of your re-election effort is make the following statement:
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a legal resident of the state of Iowa. At the same time you also might want to swear off corn and dairy products.
Here are a few other suggestions.
Move your family back to Connecticut from Washington. I really think they would like it here.
Spend some time in Connecticut yourself. It’s really a beautiful state. A lot has changed since you have spent any significant time here. Did you know that we have casinos now?

Possible theme for the Republican challenger: “I promise the voters of Connecticut that I will never run for president.”


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