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Because Virginia Needs a Governor Who Can Find the Bathroom

In February, Creigh Deeds talked to the Washington Post, emphasizing his experience:

“There’s some folks out there who think they can just stroll into Virginia without knowing about how this government works,” he says. That would be McAuliffe, the Mr. Moneybags who has turned his nationally admired fundraising machine into a cannon shooting dollars into the governor’s race. “Somebody has boned him up on his facts about the number of hours people waste commuting, but that doesn’t mean he knows where the restroom is on the third floor of the Capitol.”

I can picture the bumper sticker: “Creigh Deeds: He knows where the bathroom is.”

Then he tried his hand at courting northern Virginia:

“The power has shifted,” he says. “Rural legislators ruled the roost for so long. But the idea that the power is still in the rural areas is nonsense. Most of the state is suburbia now. It’s like ‘Of Mice and Men,’ where you have this big mentally handicapped guy who didn’t realize all the power he really had. Fairfax has 14 percent of Virginia’s population but pays 28 percent of the state’s income tax.”

What a pep talk! “Don’t you see? You’re like a big, strong, mentally-retarded man!”


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