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Best Anti-Obama, Anti-Pelosi Ad of the Year Comes From . . . an Indiana Incumbent Democrat!

Man, this ad for Joe Donnelly in Indiana is just the sort of thing I want to see. 

He laments “just how bad the situation on the border is” and talks about how he wants to deport illegals who commit felonies and wants to eliminate amnesty “because no one should ever be rewarded for breaking the law.”

He sneers that it may not be “what the the Washington crowd wants,” with an unflattering picture of Pelosi and Obama, but declares that he’s not supposed to work for them, but to work for you.

Oh, by the way: Joe Donnelly is an incumbent Democrat.

He voted for health care, by the way. So Hoosiers might as well vote for Jackie Walorski, even if Donnelly does make ads slamming Obama and Pelosi.


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