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Between Fundraisers, Obama ‘Barely Paying Attention’ to 2012 Race


AFP, today:

The White House said Thursday that President Barack Obama was barely paying attention to the Republican race to unseat him in 2012, as a possible foe Mitt Romney threw his hat into the ring.

But it did mount a detailed defense of Obama’s economic record, as Romney warned that the Democrat carried into office in 2008 amid souring hopes for change, he had “failed America” and made the recession longer and worse.

Asked whether Obama was beginning to eye the accelerating 2012 race, as aides built his own campaign machinery, White House spokesman Jay Carney suggested it was not yet time for election talk.

“When we’re traveling and (we) spend a lot of time talking with him about different subjects, he is not focused on that,” Carney said.

The Associated Press, yesterday:

Obama is expected to headline fundraisers in Miami, Washington, D.C., New York and Philadelphia before the end of the fundraising quarter on June 30, people familiar with the events said. First lady Michele Obama is expected to hold fundraisers in California in June, they said.

Obama launched his re-election campaign in April and has headlined several fundraisers around the country, with some of the proceeds divided between the Democratic National Committee and his re-election campaign.

He’s not paying much attention, he’s just doing four fundraisers in the next month. In addition to the 18 fundraisers he did between April 4 and May 23.

The contradiction here is probably just a matter of the left hand not knowing what the further-left hand is doing.


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