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Biden, Being Biden, on Meet the Press

Biden is fascinatingly combative on Meet the Press this morning. He’s making a version of Hillary’s Iraq-war-vote defense, that “I just wanted inspectors,” and claiming that the choice was inspectors or no inspectors. (Wasn’t there some sort of mention of military force in that resolution? Wouldn’t some folks have at least a little sense that the president might actually use that military force that the resolution authorized?) The antiwar crowd isn’t likely to buy that, nor are war supporters.

Then he went into a lengthy description of all the evidence suggesting that Saddam had material that “could be weaponized” to justify his war vote. I strongly suspect Vice President Cheney was applauding during this section, as it dismantles the “Bush lied, people died,” argument. At one point Biden said, (paraphrasing) “this was catalogued by the United Nations, this wasn’t some Cheney pipe dream.”


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