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Biden Wanted McCain to Be Kerry’s Running Mate in 2004

It’s going to be interesting watching Biden call McCain a right-wing extremist, when four years ago he was saying…

Biden made his comments on MSNBC TV’s “Hardball” when moderator Chris Matthews asked him: “Do you think McCain is seriously — and I mean this professionally — flirting with the idea of accepting a second place on the ticket with John Kerry, and creating a fusion ticket to run against the president?”
Replied Biden: “I think that this is time for unity in this country, and maybe it is time to have a guy like John McCain — a Republican — on the ticket with a guy he does like. They do get along. And they don’t have fundamental disagreements on major policies.”

Not that people around McCain thought it was going to happen: “And despite his close relationship with Kerry, McCain himself had cast such an invitation as highly unlikely. “It’s impossible to imagine the Democratic Party seeking a pro-life, free-trading, non-protectionist, deficit hawk,” [McCain’s Chief of Staff, Mark Salter] said.


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