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Bill Clinton May Watch ‘Taxi Driver’ Tonight, For Romantic Memories

There’s talk of Nancy Pelosi snapping and more bad economic numbers in the Jolt, but we still have our romantic memories, as a former president observes:

Bill Clinton’s Misty Water-Colored Memories

I needed something lighter to finish off the week’s final Jolt. Thank you, former President Clinton!

“Former President Bill Clinton fondly remembers a “romantic” time when you could still get a prostitute in Times Square. Clinton was at a news conference in Times Square with Mayor Bloomberg on Wednesday when a reporter asked him about the formerly seedy neighborhood. Clinton said he first visited Times Square in 1964 when he was a freshman at Georgetown University. He said he saw “a hooker approach a man in a gray flannel suit.” He said it was “pretty heavy stuff for a guy from Arkansas.” Clinton said the area is cleaner and safer now — and that’s good. But he sounded like he missed the old days. ‘I still have vivid memories of it,’ he said. ‘Romantic. Fascinating. It was dangerous.’”

Vivid memories? I’ll bet. He sounds a bit like the irate cabdriver who yearned for the Travis Bickle The Bronx Is Burning days of Times Square, who blamed the boredom of late-1990s New York City on then-mayor Rudy Giuliani back on Saturday Night Live: “Friggin’ Guiliani! Can you believe what he did to 42nd Street? … You gotta be kiddin’. I’ll take porn over Disney any day! … Listen, I’ve lived in this city for forty-four years. I was born here, and I can tell ya, three things make New York great: crime, noise and porn!”

The cabdriver, of course, was played by guest host Rudy Giuliani.

“Melts your heart, doesn’t he?” asks Fausta.


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