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Blackwell Touts Steele as ‘Unabashedly Pro-Life, Strongly Grounded in Second Amendment Freedoms, and Fully Embracing Limited Government and the Rule of Law’

The RNC chair race is finished, but just in case anyone had any questions, Ken Blackwell explains why he endorsed Michael Steele when he departed the race:

Over breakfast on January 30, Mr. Steele and I discussed the 2008 platform. During that conversation he earnestly expressed his full support of the platform. This is a platform that is unabashedly pro-life, strongly grounded in Second Amendment freedoms, and fully embracing limited government and the rule of law.

That conservation and my perception of Mr. Steele’s authentic embrace of those principles provided me with the basis upon which I could endorse him with a clear conscience and firm conviction once I determined it was time for me to exit the race.

Even though Blackwell was fifth out of five candidates through the early rounds of voting, I think his endorsement of Steele turned out to be pretty decisive in the way the vote turned out.


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