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The Blagojevich Bailout?

An easily overlooked detail from Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan’s appearance on Meet the Press yesterday, discussing the options for dealing with Rod Blagojevich. (Madigan, a Democrat, said she was not thinking about running for Obama’s seat if there is a race, but has been mentioned as a potential candidate in the past.)

MR. GREGORY:  Ms. Madigan, I’d like to start with you.  We know in the last couple of days that the governor is weighing his legal options.  He’s speaking to defense lawyers.  Do you have any indication at this stage that he’s prepared to resign?

MS. MADIGAN:  We have heard that there is a possibility that tomorrow he will make an announcement that he will step aside.  I don’t know if that means he will resign or take another option that’s provided under the Illinois constitution where he can voluntarily recognize that there is a serious impediment to his ability to carry out his duties and therefore temporarily remove himself.

MR. GREGORY:  Is there an option where he could resign and retain his paycheck, which is something, his financial situation, that he’s said, according to the criminal complaint, that he’s worried about?

MS. MADIGAN:  Yes.  I think that second option would potentially allow him to keep his salary.  And again, I have heard, as well, that that is one of his main concerns is his financial circumstances right now.

You know, somehow, the financial health of the Blagojevich household is really not high on my list of concerns right now.

Hey, guys, how about an option where he leaves office and doesn’t get paid? Doesn’t anybody want to get this guy, or is this some easygoing, “Oh, keep your paycheck and pension as long as you leave office quickly” Chicago thing?


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