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Bobby Schilling Within 2 of Phil Hare in Illinois 17th District

You won’t see it anywhere before here, folks: Public Opinion Strategies has completed another poll in Illinois’s 17th congressional district, matching up incumbent Democrat Phil Hare against Republican Bobby Schilling. This race has been one that I’ve been shouting has enormous upset potential, to a bit of earl mockery.

Schilling Image

42% Name ID

17% Favorable

  4% Unfavorable

Hare Image

78% Name ID

33% Favorable

21% Unfavorable

Hare Re-Elect

25% Total Re-Elect

46% Total New Person

26% Depends

Congressional Ballot

31% Total Schilling

33% Total Hare

  7% Total Davis

30% Undecided

“Davis” is Roger K. Davis, the Green-party candidate. Some Schilling folks suspect his relatively high number in the poll indicates there are a significant number of liberals and left-of-center voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for Hare.

When only 25 percent say they definitely want to reelect you . . . well, this Hare might be cooked.

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