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The Boil Is Lanced

New York Post: “Gov. Eliot Spitzer has decided to resign and is notifying top state officials of his decision, The Post has learned.”

I’ll believe it when I see it. Having said that, it’s Fredric Dicker, probably the reporter on New York state government.
I still think Hillary missed an opportunity to say that she had learned from hard experience that the appropriate course of action in a circumstance like this is for the lawmaker to resign. (I mean, Samantha Power resigned the Obama campaign for something that was comparably nothing.) But she didn’t.
Also, as Jen Rubin noted, hasn’t Barack Obama been oddly quiet about this?


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Evicting the Constitution

Evicting the Constitution

Biden decided it’s easier to take the politically expedient path, even one that exceeds legal authority, rather than undertake the tough work of governing.