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Break Out the Europe Album, Because Virginia’s Primary Is in the Final Countdown

One of my readers who follows Virginia politics closely writes in with a prediction on tomorrow’s Democrat primary:

Although we have to wait for the votes to be counted, it seems apparent now that the Dems are going to make the smart choice for Governor.  Creigh Deeds’ campaign (if successful) will remain a model of how to maximize minimal resources and make a surge at the end.  And his commercials are outstanding.  If he maintains that tone and remains a moderate to Conservative on the big ticket issues, he will be a formidable opponent.  And everyone loves the underdog/rematch storyline.  “Rematch” will dominate the media spin till October.
McDonnell is over consultanted.  Deeds’ resume is similar to his. It is going to be an interesting election.

If nothing else, Deeds has turned on the jets to surge at the end.

This morning at Starbucks, I overheard a volunteer in a Brian Moran shirt lament to the barista, “One more day . . . I’m ready for it to be over.” Not exactly brimming with confidence that Moran’s race will continue into November, it seems . . .


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