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Breaking Down Recent Democratic Polls By Race Shows… Well, a Racial Breakdown

Rasmussen is generating buzz over these results of a national poll of Democrats:

Among African-American voters, Obama leads 81% to 7%. Among White voters, Clinton leads 50% to 39%.

But those numbers just confirm the direction we’ve seen in other polls.
Gallup: Among non-Hispanic whites, Hillary leads, 50 percent to 41 percent. (9 percent other, don’t know, or refused to answer.) Among blacks, 76 percent for Obama, 17 percent for Hillary. Among Hispanics, it’s 55 percent for Hillary, 39 percent for Obama.
Newsweek: “Obama gets overwhelming support from blacks (80 percent to 10 percent), those under 40 (60 percent to 35 percent) and voters who have graduated from college (50 percent to 41 percent); Hillary wins the majority of whites (53 percent to 35 percent), voters over 60 (51 percent to 33 percent) and those who have a high-school education or less (48 percent to 38 percent).”
ABC News/Washington Post, from a week ago: Among whites, Hillary leads, 52 percent to 42 percent. Among blacks, Obama leads, 79 percent to 16 percent.
UPDATE: For contrast, in 2004, George W. Bush carried 11 percent of the African-American vote — a higher share than Hillary is carrying in the Rasmussen and Newsweek polls, a lower share than she is carrying in the ABC News and Gallup polls.
ANOTHER UPDATE: Some readers think that comparing the African-American vote in a Democratic primary and the vote in a general election is comparing apples and oranges.


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