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Bucks County Democrats Invent Fictitious ‘Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office’

Ah, the Democrats. Committed to the democratic process.

Workers at Bucks County’s voter registration office fielded 70 calls on Tuesday and dozens more this past week from residents worried they wouldn’t be able to vote on Election Day.

The reason: a series of Democratic Party absentee ballot letters — under the letterhead of the fictitious Pennsylvania Voter Assistance Office — warning recipients that their ability to vote in November could be threatened.

“They are concerned because, number one they think it is from us, and number two they don’t understand why they are receiving it,” said Deena Dean, director of Bucks County’s election office. “They don’t understand why their participation in the upcoming election might be in jeopardy.”

Republicans blasted the letters, with a spokesman calling them “deeply troubling.”

Concerned about an “enthusiasm gap” with Republicans, Democrats are going to great lengths to urge their voters to cast ballots in the midterm election. In Bucks County, Democrats have a voter registration edge, but recent polls suggest 8th District Democratic U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy is trailing Republican Mike Fitzpatrick

.The Voter Assistance Office letters, spearheaded by the Bucks County Democratic Party, are part of the turnout effort. The last of the three mailings warns the recipient that it is the “THIRD and FINAL notice.”

“By failing to return the enclosed documents, you may be placing your ability to participate in this year’s general election at risk,” the letter reads.

Seriously . . . real parties don’t try to fool people into voting absentee if they don’t want to.


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