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Burris’s Non-Responsive Response

Roland Burris gave a speech today, but wouldn’t respond to questions about his alleged perjury related to the Blagojevich affair:

“If I had done the things I’ve been accused of, I’d be too embarrassed to stand up here,” Burris said.

“Stop the rush to judgment. You know the real Roland. I have done nothing wrong and I have absolutely nothing to hide,” he told the City Club of Chicago.

Burris also attacked the media for picking on him using “selective sound bites,” saying he would not comment because of the pending state and Senate probes into his appointment.

Via Twitter, the Washington Post’s Howard Kurtz sounds a skeptical note: “Roland Burris says he will no longer engage the media. Huh? That’s how he got to Senate in the first place. Now journalists can’t be trusted?”

A Democratic congressman, Phil Hare, joins those calling on Burris to resign, along with state representatives Lou Lang and Bill Brady.

Any other prominent lawmakers from Illnois want to weigh in on this?


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