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Calling a Terror-Supporting, Hostage-Taking Ruler a Threat Is ‘Absurd’

Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post won the Pulitzer Prize yesterday.

From his column, today:

Any idea that [Hugo] Chavez is some sort of threat to the United States is absurd.

This is referring, of course, to the Venezuelan ruler who was secretly financing and supporting the Colombian terrorist group FARC:

These documents indicate Venezuela appears to be making concrete offers to help arm the rebels, possibly with rocket-propelled grenades and ground-to-air missiles. The files suggest that Venezuela offered the FARC the use of one of its ports to receive arms shipments, and that Venezuela raised the prospect of drawing up a joint security plan with the FARC and sought basic training in guerrilla-warfare techniques.

At the time those documents were recovered, FARC held three Americans hostage, who were later released in the brilliant Colombian army ruse.

So those three Americans would probably object to Robinson’s assertion that it is “absurd” to think of Chavez as a threat.

For what it is worth, Robinson says in his column today he wishes Obama had expressed “a flash of presidential anger” at Chavez and Manuel Ortega during their anti-American remarks at the Summit of the Americas.