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Can Giuliani Right the Ship?

I’m just reading Rudy Giuliani’s remarks now – much of the day has been consumed by baby duty – but before I dive into them, I took a look at Patrick Ruffini’s thoughts on why Giuliani’s in trouble. (Ruffini was working for that campaign for a while.)

As I said on Captain Ed’s show yesterday, I want to know which Republican voters have been leaving the Giuliani campaign to back Huckabee – not so much because I disapprove, but because I can’t follow the logic. These two guys seem like opposites on a lot of issues and styles, so it is hard to grasp what would prompt a Republican to shift from the guy infamously linked to Abner Louima case for excessive brutality to the guy infamously linked to the Wayne Dumond case for excessive mercy.
Inspired by one of Ruffini’s commenters, I’m wondering if the moment calls for an argument along the lines of, “When there are people out there who want to harm you, your family, and your countrymen, you want a guy like Rudy Giuliani to stick the knife in them. A guy like Mike Huckabee – merciful, decent, too nice for a dangerous world – can administer last rites.”
Then again, Rudy Giuliani may be running a post-9/11 campaign at a moment when the voters and media have decided to inaugurate the post-post-9/11 world.
Algeria had a bunch of bombings this week, and it was buried in the back pages. Ayman al-Zawahiri released an audiotape, but it was barely noticed. Congress behaves as if they are much more worried about the actions of CIA personnel in interrogations than the information that those interrogations generate. Today on page A16 of the Washington Post, I read the Pakistan government retook the Swat Valley from Islamic extremists.
Maybe Giuliani has to remind the Republican electorate that foreign policy crises are a near-certainty for the next president…


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