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Can Washington Republicans Unite?

Another update from Kirby Wilbur, an NR favorite, who’s out West, in a state I would love to visit sometime, if for no other reason than to check out the Twin Peaks Fest.

Kirby Wilbur here, your favorite ex-talk radio host in Seattle.

The 3rd Congressional looks very winnable. Jaime Herrara is a great candidate — she once interned for me — I think she has a great future – and I admit my bias.

The big shock is that David Castillo came in THIRD as a Republican after Jaime and David Hedrick who ran a low-cost campaign and whose main claim to fame was in challenging Brian Baird at a town hall meeting that hit You Tube and was a big hit. Why did David come in third? Not sure, he was a good candidate, had a great story, solid conservative, but he did go negative against Jaime and that may be it.

The Republicans at the State House and Senate level did well in the Seattle suburbs and they should gain 5-6 Senate and 10+ House seats, almost but not quite a majority. Dino can win, but the Republicans must unite.

Paul Akers was the epitome of class and graciousness in conceding last night, but Clint Didier was not. I was on a local radio station as an analyst, and we had Clint on at about 9:50. He had obviously lost, but was not willing to endorse Dino until he had a chance to meet and talk with him, to see whether Dino was conservative enough. Clint specifically mentioned abolishing the Depts of Education and Energy last night. And the pro-life issue had surfaced in the last few days, with emails claiming Dino was pro-choice going out from some Didier supporters (not Clint though ). I got to know Clint during the campaign and like him. I think he has a future; he is charismatic and sincere and has deep convictions. He would make a great Congressman from his home district in Central Washington. I hope he comes to his senses. Washington turned a lot less blue last night and expect to see at least one new Republican Senator and one new Republican Congressman and one new Republican Congresswoman outhere in November.

Wilbur is now state director of Americans for Prosperity, and the organization will debut a 30-second ad on 3rd district Democrat Denny Heck on local stations later today. The group is buying $180,000 worth of time in one week, and much of the advertising is likely to be on Portland, Oregon, stations.

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