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Can We Use Stimulus Funds to Attend the Conference on How to Use Stimulus Funds?

The closing paragraphs of a Washington Post story on Pelosi ruling out a second stimulus bill in the short term:

More than 100 state officials attended the conference [on the stimulus, held by the White House at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building], peppering administration aides with questions about how the stimulus money will be distributed and how it can be spent. They represented every state but Idaho.

Jon Hanian, a spokesman for Idaho Gov. C. L. “Butch” Otter (R), said the governor has announced his recommendations for how the state’s stimulus money should be spent. And because of the economic downturn, Hanian said, Idaho is restricting travel for state employees.

Idaho had the right idea. The state officials couldn’t have held a teleconference? Or a conference call?


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