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Candidate Boldly Pledges to Tax the Heck Out of Those Faraway Counties

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds, who is currently running television ads saying “From Here, for Here” in southern Virginia, is running ads simultaneously that charge that his opponent, Republican Bob McDonnell, is out of step with the values of Fairfax County, in the northern suburbs.

If Creigh Deeds is “for” another part of the state, how can he be for northern Virginia?

UPDATE: Creigh Deeds campaign ads mentioning the thesis:

“Before TV”


“Why Did You”



Other recent attack ads:

“Honest Transportation Plan”

“Creigh Deeds Stands With Us”


“Bob McDonnell on Why Elections Matter”

“Bob McDonnell: Elections Matter”

“Tax Man”


“Backwards Bob: A Record on Choice”

Creigh Deeds’ positive ads:


“Small Towns”




“This Election”

So it’s more than 2:1 attack-ad to positive-ad ratio, and almost as many ads on the thesis as he has about himself and what he would do.


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