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The Candidates Talk Turkey

Thompson, asked about the possibility of Turks moving into northern Iraq: “Let’s hope it doens’t come to that… Turkey is a friend of ours. We have a particularly important base there for our efforts in Iraq… They’ve got a right to defend themselves. The PKK are terrorists. We’ve got friends on both sides… This is one area where diplomacy could work.”

He jabs Pelosi for the Armenian Genocide resolution.
“She’s interjecting partisan politics into a matter of national security.” The crowd eats it up with a spoon.
Tancredo calls Pelosi’s bill pandering for votes and “complete ignorance” of the ramifications. “She’s a lousy Speaker of the House, and she’s an even worse Secretary of State.”
Wow – a lot of talk about Turkey tonight. I’m happy.
Huckabee wants to train the Iraqi Kurds to fight the PKK. I can hear almost all of Turkey snorting. Huckabee helps himself a bit by saying we can emphasize the downside of invasion for the Turks.
Ron Paul laments, “nobody’s willing to take anything off the table.” Parts of his answer got some boos.
Romney hits the Clinton administration for “the peace dividend…. We got the dividend, but we didn’t get the peace.”

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