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Can’t Anybody Survive the Vetting for Department of the Treasury Jobs?

Amazing. Back on March 3, I had noted that the Obama administration has not yet named anyone for eleven top supporting roles (one deputy, two undersecretaries, and eight assistant secretaries) at Treasury. As the month progressed, the grumbling about the lack of nominations got louder. Yesterday Ed Morrissey noticed that there are really 18 positions, including general counsel, inspector general, etc., that the president appoints, and so far they’ve named one, Secretary Tim Geithner.

Now there’s a report that H. Rodgin Cohen, the leading candidate for Deputy Treasury Secretary, has withdrawn from consideration . . . and he’s the third in a week.

ABC News says only that an issue came up in vetting. I’m reminded of an unnamed source’s comment back in that first post: “According to one estimate, as many as a third of potential nominees were found to have had some tax questions to answer.”


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