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Carol Shea Porter Wants a Rematch in New Hampshire

I’m not sure how you score this one. Democrats can rejoice that they have a House candidate in New Hampshire’s 1st District, in that Carol Shea Porter is running for her old seat.

She e-mails supporters,

Dear Friends,

I am running for the United States House of Representatives.

During my two terms serving the good people of New Hampshire’s FirstDistrict, I always worked for what I call the bottom 99% ofAmericans, and I never forgot that public office is a public trust.

Shea-Porter, a two-term incumbent, may have believed she gave 110 percent to serve the bottom 99 percent of Americans, but her problem is that she only won the votes of 42 percent in her district on Election Day 2010. So Republican Rep. Frank Guinta will, in all likelihood, face an opponent he beat by 12 percent, or 26,000 votes last time.


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