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CBO: One-Quarter of Energy and Water, Financial Services Stimulus Funds Will Be Spent after September 2013

Tucked into that CBO report on when all of this stimulus allocation would be spent:

Title V—Energy and Water. Title V of Division A would provide $48.9 billion in budget authority over the 2009-2019 period for programs related to energy and water resources. That amount includes $43.9 billion for the Department of Energy (DOE), $4.5 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers, and $500 million for the Bureau of Reclamation . . .

CBO estimates that about three-quarters of these funds would be spent during fiscal years 2009 through 2013.

Title VI—Financial Services and General Government. Title VI would appropriate $8.7 billion to promote energy efficiency and conservation at federal facilities and to support small businesses. Most of that amount—$7.7 billion—would be appropriated to the General Services Administration’s Federal Buildings Fund to construct and repair federal facilities. That amount represents a significant increase relative to current funding levels, which have averaged about $1.3 billion annually in recent years. CBO estimates that about three-quarters of those funds would be spent during fiscal years 2009 through 2013.

Let me rephrase that: By CBO’s estimate, one-quarter of the funds in these two sections will be spent after September 30, 2013.

Recall Obama’s pledges to get 75 percent of the spending out the door in the first 18 months.


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