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Charlie Crist Has the Most Amazing Friends!

Today’s Miami Herald offers an unflattering portrait of former Republican governor Charlie Crist, now running for his old office as a Democrat:

For the first time since his billion-dollar-plus Ponzi scheme imploded four years ago, Scott Rothstein, 51, re-emerged Wednesday, testifying in federal court. And he unloaded on just about everyone — from Florida’s former governor to judges, bankers, police officers and gangsters.

The disbarred lawyer, now serving a 50-year prison sentence and cooperating with prosecutors, appeared eager to unburden himself . . . 

He detailed how he got around federal campaign finance laws, enlisting members of the firm to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians, including former Gov. Charlie Crist. He claimed Crist appointed him to the Judicial Nominating Committee as part of a “quid pro quo” for helping to bankroll his campaign. Crist has said he returned Rothstein’s money after learning it was dirty.

The fact that Florida Democrats will shrug at this indicates that they are perfectly fine with a Republican governor trading appointments and favors for campaign cash, as long as that governor switches to the Democratic party later.

Good news for Bob McDonnell!


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