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Cheney. Enzi. Let the Rumble Begin.

The midweek edition of the Morning Jolt features Bob Filner’s latest implausible excuses — just a big misunderstanding about hugs! — more revelations about Washington, D.C., from This Town, a troublesome series of decisions from some bloggers on the Right, and . . . 

Cheney. Enzi. Let the Rumble Begin.

The good news: The breaking news that “Wyoming has just elected Liz Cheney its next senator” will probably prompt Democrats to feel like this:

The bad news: Get ready for a big, hard-fought, expensive primary in a state that’s pretty much guaranteed to elect a Republican anyway. Voter-registration statistics indicate Wyoming has 166,643 Republicans, 53,301 Democrats, 34,330 unaffiliated voters, 1,866 Libertarians, 295 Constitution Party voters,and 118 “other” voters.

Assuming every Republican votes in the primary, we’re looking at each candidate spending what, $12 per vote, minimum?

Ari Fleischer: “I’m a big fan of Liz Cheney. But not in this race.”

I think Kurt Schlichter articulates the view of a lot of Republicans that while Enzi may have amassed a conservative voting record, they’re largely unfamiliar with him as a combatant against the Obama administration — and that, ultimately, is what they feel the party needs most right now:

He needs to go because we can do better. It’s not about Mike Enzi or any other Republican politician. It’s about winning this war against progressivism, and if you aren’t leading the fight then bow out and make room for someone who will.

Liz Cheney will. The seat would hardly be at risk — the Wyoming GOP primary is better known as the Wyoming general election — so we can take the chance to do better. After all, Liz Cheney has something Enzi doesn’t — a taste for political combat.

She wants to win. Not to “compromise,” not to “work together,” not sit around singing “Kumbayah” with the liberals. She wants to win.

Enzi wants to be a sober, serious legislator working with his liberal friends across the aisle to make a better country. Except there are no friends across the aisle, and the liberals do not want to make this a better country. Liberals want to ruthlessly acquire and maintain power and control over every aspect of our lives, and anyone who does not see and understand that and who can’t commit to destroying their hideous plans for our country needs to get out the way for a true conservative warrior.

The Times, perhaps again thinking it was helping, noted that Enzi “avoids political talk shows because, he says, their goal is to get guests to ‘beat up on their colleagues.’”

Except we need GOP Senators to be willing to “beat up on their colleagues.” It’s not about collegiality in the cloakroom. We want you hated, despised, and targeted because that will mean you are getting something conservative done.

Expect some big guns to sit this one out, as Katrina Trinko reports: “Both Enzi and Cheney are top notch candidates who would slam dunk a general election, so this isn’t the the type of race we’d engage in,” Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio e-mails. ‘We’re more concerned with primaries where certain results would lead to the Democrats winning.’”

So what will this election be about, besides her argument that it’s time for fresh faces and new blood, and his argument that she’s not really connected to the state, having only bought a house in Wyoming last year? Probably gay marriage.

Liz Cheney on gay marriage, back in 2009: “My family has been very clear about this: We think freedom means freedom for everybody. This is an issue states have to decide for themselves. . . . States have got to make this decision. . . . I certainly would not like to see a constitutional amendment you know, as was suggested in the last administration, banning it. This is an issue that the democratic process has to decide.”


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