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The Chicago Press Smells Blood in the Water

The local reporters were irked at Obama; now they smell blood.

A reader sends on this comment from Rich Miller, one of the most influential bloggers in Illinois covering the state government:

For months, Chicago reporters have grated at the way they’ve been treated by Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. The hometown guy has frozen them out at just about every turn. Calls aren’t returned, questioned go unanswered and they’re often shunted aside at campaign press events…
Obama is obviously not telling the whole truth about Tony Rezko, and if he wants to be president he’s got to sit down with the Chicago media and let them ask questions until they’re satisfied or this will happen again. He cannot win a super delegates fight if the powers that be can be convinced that he’s hiding some deep, dark secrets about Illinois’ most notorious political fundraiser and real estate investor. It’s way past time that he showed some respect to the people who could tube his greatest dream. Unless, of course, he really did do something crooked and dishonest. Then, he’s toast anyway.

How many Democrats want to bet their chances in 2008 on the likelihood that absolutely nothing unflattering comes out of the Rezko trial?


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