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Chris Daggett, Jon Corzine’s Bodyguard

I realize this statement will break the heart of supporters of Chris Daggett, the independent running for governor in New Jersey, but he’s acting as incumbent Democrat Jon Corzine’s bodyguard.

Currently polling in the mid-teens, Daggett is performing quite well for a third-party candidate. But it’s a long way from his current standing to a majority, and he’s fooling himself about how much support he can get in the final two weeks.

The New York Times profiles Daggett today, and mentions his comment that all he needs is 34 percent to win.

No, he needs 34 percent and for each of the other guys to get 33 (or roughly about that). If he gets 34, but Corzine gets 35 and Christie gets 31, then New Jersey gets another four years of Corzine. (It’s possible that Christie gets the most in a three-way race, but that scenario is tougher to envision with the anti-incumbent vote split.) The current governor appointed Daggett to a task force, and the independent says working on the task force showed him “how broken state government is under Jon Corzine.”

Well, despite what he tells himself and his supporters about the high probability of a “miracle” akin to the 1973 Mets, Chris Daggett is ensuring it stays broken.

The Newark Star-Ledger does its part for Corzine today by endorsing Daggett.


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