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Chris Van Hollen’s Tough Commute

One of my readers lives in the district of Maryland Democratic congressman Chris Van Hollen. After getting an invitation to a tele-town hall, my reader called Van Hollen’s office, asking if there would be any in-person town halls. My reader reports:

They claimed they thought this was the best way to reach most of his constituents and that townhall meetings might be time consuming or might not reach a large audience. I reminded the guy who answered the phone that only one or two members of Congress live closer to the Capitol than Chris and that maybe he could take a few moments to visit his district and meet with constituents about this very important issue.

Yeah, it’s not like Van Hollen has to spend a lot of time going back and forth between D.C. and his district. He could take the Metro from his Capitol Hill office pretty far into his district.


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