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Chronicling Biden’s Lifelong Fight With Foot-In-Mouth Disease

Over on the home page, a look at 23 statements Joe Biden would like to forget.

Note that this was just looking at a few areas — praise for McCain, criticism of Obama, and comments about Iraq, justifying the war and predicting failure for the surge. This isn’t even getting into stuff like some old classics:

According to The New Republic, in October 2001, Biden encountered a group of airline pilots and flight attendants who wanted his help in passing emergency benefits for laid-off airline workers. “I hope you will support my work on Amtrak as much as I have supported you,” Biden told them. “If not, I will screw you badly.”
The mouth of Biden had its most recent bout with controversy a little over a year ago when he expressed fears that the United States looked like a “high-tech bully” when it was bombing Afghanistan. But Biden had a quick and perhaps unexpected defense of his comments by pointing out that he said them in a speech urging the use of American ground forces to pursue al Qaeda and the Taliban.


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