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Claire McCaskill Didn’t Want Her Party’s Convention in St. Louis?

An interesting contradiction being spotlighted by the RNC:

Sen. Claire McCaskill Asked White House Not To Hold 2012 Democratic National Convention In St. Louis For Fear It Would Complicate Her Re-Election Campaign. ”Ms. McCaskill, one of the president’s closest friends in the Senate, took her concerns directly to the White House, according to party leaders familiar with the selection process. She argued that her re-election could be complicated if the convention was held in St. Louis, because the Democratic gathering will almost certainly attract protesters and compete for fund-raising.” (Jeff Zeleny, “Democrats Pick Charlotte For 2012 Convention,” The New York Times’ The Caucus Blog, 2/1/11)

 In 2008, Then-Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper Estimated The Democratic National Convention Created A Regional Economic Benefit Of $266 Million.“The Democratic National Convention created a regional economic benefit of $266 million in direct and indirect spending, according to an estimate report released Thursday by the office of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper.” (Mark Harden, “Mayor: DNC Brought Denver $266m In Economic Impact,” Denver Business Journal, 10/16/08)

The DNC’s Convention Is Expected To Have An Economic Impact Of Over $200 Million For Charlotte. “Planners have said the economic impact of the convention could be as high as $200 million, and 2008 host city Denver estimated that the impact there surpassed $250 million.” (Mitch Weiss And Mike Baker, “Charlotte Leaders See Economic Boost With DNC,” The Associated Press2/1/11)

If hosting the convention is bad news for a local Democrat in unfriendly territory, as McCaskill’s response suggests, what does that mean for potentially-vulnerable North Carolina House Democrats Mike McIntyre, Heath Shuler, or Larry Kissell?


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