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A Clintonian Error Message

One of the lingering controversies hanging over Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton was about her husband’s foundation and who donated to it. Would she be making decisions that affected those who had donated piles of cash to her husband?

The Clinton Foundation just sent out an e-mail, declaring they are releasing a list of all of their donors:

The William J. Clinton Foundation today published its list of all contributors since its inception in 1997, with gratitude for the contributions they have made to sustain the work of the Foundation and its charitable initiatives . . .

As soon as Senator Clinton was nominated to be Secretary of State, the Foundation staff began working with President-elect Obama’s transition team to ensure that not even the appearance of a conflict of interest existed between the Clinton Foundation’s operations and Senator Clinton’s anticipated service as Secretary of State.  President Clinton’s efforts are unprecedented and go above and beyond what the law requires and are intended to allow the important work of the Foundation to continue.

They ask you to visit their site to see the list of donors. You go to the donor list page, see the link for “List of Contributors”, click on it, and find . . .

Error connecting to database

How convenient. Perhaps they’re getting crushed with traffic.

The list of donors is released, but I guess it depends on what the definition of “is” is.


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