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CNN: 48% Foresee Great Depression in Coming Year

The results in the CNN poll out today aren’t quite as ominous for President Obama as yesterday’s ABC News/Washington Post survey, but that’s not saying much.

Obama splits evenly, with 48-48 approval/disapproval. According to this release, in the last CNN poll, post-Osama-kill, he was ahead, 54-48 . . . which I now realize is 102 percent. Well, perhaps the pollster gave 110 percent effort on that question.

Perhaps the most surprising result in the survey:

48% say that another Great Depression is likely to occur in the next year — the highest that figure has ever reached. Just under half live in a household where someone has lost a job or are worried that unemployment may hit them in the near future. Not surprisingly, with that much economic angst, the economy is the number one issue, the only one that more than half of the public says will be extremely important to their vote for president next year.

Look at the bright side, Mr. President: An entire 51 percent of adults don’t think we’re headed to another Great Depression in the coming year!

As Exurban Jon put it succinctly, “Hope, change.”


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