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Colbert Busch: My Vote for Next Speaker Is ‘A Hypothetical’

The editorial board of the Hilton Head, S.C., Island Packet asked Elizabeth Colbert Busch why she ran as a Democrat.

She answered for several minutes, beginning with seeing an “incredible-looking” John Kennedy drive by in a black Lincoln Continental with the top down in 1960 when she was six years old, and how Jackie Kennedy was “such a fierce mother, protecting her children.”

“I’ve always just felt that I was a Democrat — although a fiscally conservative Democrat.”

Her answer didn’t mention President Obama, House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, assistant House minority leader and South Carolina representative Jim Clyburn, or any other modern Democratic leader.

Some might argue that today’s Democratic party has a quite different worldview and agenda than the 1960-era John F. Kennedy version.

Asked whether she would vote for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker, Colbert Busch responds, ”I wouldn’t even be able to vote until 2015. I don’t know who’s going to be on that ballot. Nobody knows who’s going to be on that ballot. But who I will vote for is the person who will be on the ballot. It’s not until 2015 anyway, so it’s kind of a hypothetical question.”


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