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Coming Soon to a Back Alley Near You: Dentistry!

Maybe it’s me, but it seems the moment you publicly express a moral qualm with abortion, some Planned Parenthood fan pops up and starts berating you for advocating a return to “back-alley abortions.” Now, back-alley abortions seem pretty terrible, and I suspect almost every pro-lifer would agree the aim is to advance to a culture that respects life and doesn’t include some cash-only quack performing horrific behind-the-scenes medical procedures with no oversight.

I mention this because it seems the back alleys are now branching out into other medical practices. Yup, dentistry!

Need a root canal? Don’t have insurance? One option for Northern Virginians was allegedly a woman’s basement office hidden behind a refrigerator.

The alleged pseudodentist and a business associate were arrested last week and charged with performing an invasive procedure without a license, among other counts, Fairfax County police said Monday.

Hey, it’s not like we just passed a massive, complicated piece of legislation that will drive doctors into retirement, create complicated and bureaucratic review processes that will reject some techniques as insufficiently cost-effective, and generate an appetite for medical procedures performed away from the prying eyes of the state.


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