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Coming Soon to a Campaign Ad Near You: Mom.

Mark Amodei is running in a special election on pretty friendly territory for a Republican in Nevada, the R+5 2nd Congressional District. But he appears to be surging ahead, despite Democrat Kate Marshall running multiple television ads accusing him of trying to “end Medicare.”

Public Policy Polling has a new survey out, showing Amodei ahead 50 percent to 37 percent; I looked in the crosstabs and found that among those 65 or older, Amodei leads, 59 percent to 34 percent.

But just as a lot of candidates suddenly started appearing with their trucks after Scott Brown’s surprise win, I think we might see a lot of candidates bring out their mothers:

I myself find it a little cheesy when candidates bring out their mothers; inevitably, the response ad from the rival is promptly denounced as, “they’re so low, they’re attacking my mother!”

But if a tactic works, a tactic works.


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