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Congressman Raul Grijalva: Please Punish My Constituents

Congressman Raul Grijalva, Democrat from Tucson, Arizona, is calling for an economic boycott of his own state.

Ruth McClung is one of the Republicans running against him. A recommended slogan: “Vote for a lawmaker who isn’t leading a boycott against his own state’s businesses.”

UPDATE: A reader in the district happily informs me that McClung is way ahead of me:

Ruth McClung is a great young lady facing a monumental task, but she is proceeding with logic and good humor. After Grijalva came out with his boycott statement, which he has repeated at least a couple of times, Ruth sent out a newsletter with the new slogan that will be on her next back of bumper stickers:


“Boycott Grijalva, Not Arizona”


I love it and can’t wait to get one!


Thank you for mentioning this. She really needs money, and maybe this will help.


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