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Cornyn: ‘You seem to be a different person, almost, in the speeches you have made.’

Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas): “What do I say to my constituents who will observe, ‘She says one thing, and then at this hearing, she says some things that contradict, or in some cases, are diametrically opposed to things she’s said in speeches in the past?’”

Sotomayor: “I would tell them to look at my decisions for 17 years, and note that in every one of them I have done what I say I do. I have kept my fidelity to the law. . . . Following the rule of law is the foundation of our system of justice.”

Cornyn: “Your judicial record strikes me as pretty much in the mainstream.” Cites “cognitive dissonance . . . you seem to be a different person, almost, in the speeches you have made.” Score one for the evil twin/split personality theory.

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