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Corzine Trashed Florio’s Record, Then Failed to Clear That Bar

Even better than the posts below — everything Jon Corzine threw at his Democratic primary rival, former governor Jim Florio, back in 2005 2000 applies to the state of New Jersey today:

Tax increases? Under Corzine, New Jersey’s state/local tax-burden percentage has gone from the third-highest in the country to the highest in the country. Take that, New York and Connecticut!
Lost jobs? New Jersey’s unemployment rate is 8.4 percent, the highest in 17 years. It was 7.7 percent in October of the year that voters ejected Florio from the governor’s mansion.
New Jerseyans lacking health insurance? Under Florio, it was an estimated 800,000 uninsured in a population of 7,880,508, about 10.1 percent. Under Corzine, it is estimated at 1.4 million out of 8,682,661, about 16.1 percent.

Auto insurance rates “out of control”? The state has the third-highest insurance rates in the country, with eight insurers proposing additional rate hikes this year, some more than 15 percent.

Needless to say, the YouTube account of “CorzineEmptiedMyWallet” is a treasure trove for New Jerseyians fed up with the current governor.


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