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Could Delaware’s Senate Race Turn Into a Gimmee For Republicans?

Could Mike Castle end up chasing Beau Biden out of the Senate race?

MSNBC: “Now Democrats are waiting on Biden’s son, Beau, to decide (BTW, he might be having more cold feet than some realize, so we’re hearing).”

Castle’s move means there’s an open House seat, which Biden could probably win pretty easily, and he could simply wait until Castle or Delaware’s other senator, Democrat Tom Carper, retire.

UPDATE: I stand corrected, although it’s possible this Delaware reader underestimates the White House’s willingness to shove aside Democrats to help their own folks.

John Carney, former Lt. Governor of Delaware (D), who narrowly lost a Democratic primary in 2008 to now-Governor Jack Markell (D), shrewdly announced his bid for our sole US House seat earlier this year.  The effect of the Carney announcement was to force a decision by Mike Castle: either run for the Senate or retire.  Castle reasoned that there was no point remaining in the House if he had to face a formidable re-election challenge from John Carney.

MSNBC or whatever leftist nonsense is suggesting that Biden will run for the House seat is impossible given Carney’s position.  Whoever is peddling this bologna is absolutely ignorant of Delaware politics.

Beau Biden will either run for re-election as Attorney General or run against Castle for the remainder term of his father’s Senate seat.  Democratic insiders are continuing to assert that Biden will run for the Senate, but he will face a brutal race against Castle, whose demonstrated, enormous political cachet cuts across party lines.  My own view is that when all is said and done, Biden will run for re-election as AG.  At the end of the four year term, Castle will be winding up the remainder of the Biden Senate seat and will likely retire.  That will given young Biden an open Senate seat to pursue.

In any event, Biden will not be running for the House. 


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