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Could There Be One More Competitive House Race in Washington, Completely Overlooked?

Congressman Norm Dicks: 17-term incumbent Democrat in Washington. Chairman of the House Interior and Environment Appropriations Subcommittee. Represents a D+5 district that includes parts of Tacoma and Bremerton and Port Angeles. Barack Obama carried 57 percent of the vote; Dicks usually wins with 60some percent of the vote and hit above 70 percent a few times.

Doug Cloud is deputy prosecutor of Kitsap County.

As of October 13, Dicks had more than $511,000 cash on hand.

Cloud has $2,909 cash on hand.

And yet, here is this poll, suggesting the race stands at Cloud 48 percent, Dicks 44 percent.

TACOMA, WA – On Thursday the Cloud for Congress Campaign received the newest poll results, which legitimized what they knew all along. “We are winning this election and the momentum has been building for our team the last few weeks. Our message is obviously resonating with the voters and they will not stand for the status quo,” Doug Cloud reasoned after viewing the newest poll results from Wenzel Strategies, a respected national polling company out of Ohio .

The most notable results in the poll came in the question that asked “If the election for the United States Congress were today and the candidates were Republican Doug Cloud and Democrat Norm Dicks, for whom would you vote?” The answer options were “definitely for Cloud, leaning for Cloud, definitely for Dicks, leaning for Dicks, and not sure”. Doug Cloud received a combined 609 votes for “definitely for” and “leaning for” while Dicks only received 558 for the 2 answers. 95 were still unsure. 

Another question in the poll supports Cloud’s belief that voters are disenchanted with the entrenched incumbent Norm Dicks. The question asks “The current Congressional representative for this district is Democrat Norm Dicks. Do you think he deserves to be re-elected, or is it time for someone new?” 53% of the people polled said that they were either definitely voting for someone else or considering it…

The poll was conducted with 1,262 likely voters in a cross section of District counties, with polling percentages equal to the actual percentage of votes cast in that county. Wenzel Strategies out of Toledo , OH conducted the polling via telephone on October 18th and 19th, 2010. Margin of error is a +/- 2.72 percentage points.

I don’t think anyone has this district on their watch list…


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