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Could You-Know-Who Be Considering a Comeback?

From the first Morning Jolt of the week:

Guess Who’s Getting Ready to Run for Mayor of New York City?

The Anthony Weiner comeback story… is beginning.

The Atlantic looks at his recent filing with New York City election authorities and notices he’s spent $115,000 already… clearly he’s getting ready to run for something.

Anthony “Disgraced Congressmember” Weiner has filed initial paperwork with the City of New York, suggesting that he has already spent about $115,000 toward a bid for Mayor.

This isn’t entirely a surprise. Last summer, rumors began to circulate that Weiner was planning a comeback. Nor is it a surprise that he’d aim for the city’s top job. Before Mayor Michael Bloomberg finagled a third term in 2009, Weiner’s name was mentioned among the possible top candidates for the job. The intervening years, of course, have not been kind to the one-time Democratic star. Or, rather, Twitter hasn’t been.

So what did Weiner spend money on? According to the filing, five things: rent, taxes, phones, polling, and consulting.

His pollster, David Binder research, was also the Obama campaign’s pollster. Obama paid that firm $3,416,740 in this past cycle.

So, who will run the “Anthony Weiner for Mayor” campaign’s Twitter account?

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