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Creigh Deeds: Because Virginia Deserves a 20-Year-Old Master’s Thesis It Can Count On

Unsurprisingly, the Creigh Deeds campaign thinks they’ve finally found a winning issue: “Vote for us, and not the other guy, because of controversial stuff in my opponent’s master’s thesis from twenty years ago.”

After the Washington Post wrote about Bob McDonnell’s thesis on page A1 on Sunday, Deeds senior advisor Mo Elleithee in a blast e-mail Sunday, wrote “Please take a few minutes to read the article and then forward it to every person you know: friends, family, neighbors, you name it,” according to the state’s GOP.

The answer for the sudden focus on Bob McDonnell can be found in five numbers: 15, 14, 8, 8, 15. That’s the margin of McDonnell’s lead in the last five polls in the state.

Put aside charges of liberal bias on the part of the Post for a moment; this race is turning into a boring easy win for a good GOP candidate over a lousy Democratic candidate. If the Virginia press wants an exciting, competitive race, they’re going to have to do everything they can to drag McDonnell down and push Deeds ahead.


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