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Creigh Deeds, Hell-Bent on Doubling Down on a Losing Strategy

Creigh Deeds and Bob McDonnell debated in Virginia last night. The event was pretty striking for how little news or buzz it generated; if this race turns out the way the polls indicate, we may look back and conclude that there wasn’t much Deeds could do at this point in the race to change the momentum.

Deeds insisted his opponent was lying several times during the debate; his campaign continues to center around how McDonnell is really a far-right social conservative instead of the sensible, detail-oriented nice guy up on the stage. For his constant accusations of “lying,” the Washington NBC affiliate is comparing Deeds to Joe Wilson. It’s pretty clear it’s not meant as a compliment.

It’s rather fascinating to hear Terry McAuliffe and Rep. Jim Moran urge Deeds to be more positive, and spend more time talking about himself, and then watch Deeds completely ignore this advice. Either he’s convinced that he can win with this constant negative approach, or he really has not much more to say on most issues.

This morning, Not Larry Sabato — you know, the liberal blogger who spotlighted that Sharon Johnson video that completely changed the race — says that rumors that Deeds will pull his negative ads aren’t true. The Democratic nominee appears hell-bent on doubling down on a losing strategy.

It’s amusing to read the New York Times detailing how Democrats wonder if they should have nominated McAuliffe.


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