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Crist, Mack Lead Early Florida Senate Buzz

Strategic Vision has been doing some polling in Florida about potential matchups for that state’s Senate race in 2010.

Republicans Gov. Charlie Crist and Congressman Connie Mack led all Democratic challengers; other GOP contenders had tougher roads.

In general election match-ups between Crist and the Democrats, Governor Crist led Congressman Ron Klein, 58% to 24%; Crist led Congressman Kendrick Meek 60% to 26%; Crist led Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio 57% to 29%; and Crist led State Senator Dan Gelber 58% to 27%. 

In a general election match-ups with Congressman Mack and the Democrats, Mack led Klein 32% to 27%; Mack led Meek 35% to 25%; Mack led Iorio 32% to 30%; and Mack led Gelber 33% to 27%. 

In match-ups with Congressman Buchanan and the Democrats, Congressman Klein led Buchanan 28% to 24%; Buchanan led Meed 29% to 23%; Iorio led Buchanan 30% to 26%; and Buchanan led Gelber 23% to 20%. 

In match-ups with Alan Bense and Democrats, Klein led Bense 27% to 22%; Bense led Meek 28% to 21%; Iorio led Bense 30% to 24%; and Bense led Gelber 27% to 25%. 

In match-ups with Rubio and the Democrats, Klein led Rubio 29% to 18%; Rubio led Meek 26% to 24%; Iorio led Rubio 32% to 19%; and Gelber led Rubio 22% to 17%.

The Democratic primary is currently wide open, according to Strategic Vision, with Congressman Ron Klein with 12 percent; Congressman Kendrick Meek with 10 percent; Tampa mayor Pam Iorio with 8 percent; State Senator Dan Gelber with 4 percent; and 66 percent undecided.

Given a choice among potential Republicans, Gov. Charlie Crist led with 54 percent; Congressman Connie Mack 16 percent; Congressman Vern Buchanan 10 percent; former State House Speaker Alan Bense 7 percent; former state house speaker Marco Rubio 4 percent; and 9 percent undecided.


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