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Culture of Corruption, Part Fifty: More Suspicious Absentee Ballots

Ohio seems to generate more than its share of scandals and corruption investigations like this one:

The Cincinnati office of the pro-casino committee pushing Issue 3 has become the focus of an investigation into dozens of apparently fraudulent absentee ballot applications sent to the Hamilton County Board of Elections . . .

Deters’ statement came after the committee’s chairman, former Cincinnati mayor Charlie Luken, issued a statement saying the committee recently “became aware of irregularities surrounding one specific field worker in Hamilton County” related to absentee ballot applications.

“We conducted an immediate internal inquiry and determined the activity was limited to one employee of a national vendor,” Luken said.

Bob Tenenbaum, a spokesman for the OJGC, said Monday afternoon that the vendor – Fieldworks, a Washington, D.C.-based firm that organizes political campaigns – fired the worker.

Charlie Luken also served in Congress, by the way. Do we even need to play “guess that party”?


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