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Culture of Corruption, Part Forty

Wait, when Karl Rove allegedly did this, it was the worst scandal ever, or so we were told. Now it’s no big deal for political figures to try to influence who gets selected as U.S. attorney?

Georgia Rep. John Lewis, one of Washington’s most prominent Democrats, called the White House earlier this year to try to block the appointment of a federal prosecutor who won convictions against more than a dozen public officials in Atlanta — including former Mayor Bill Campbell, a longtime friend and ally of Mr. Lewis.
After queries from The Wall Street Journal, Mr. Lewis’ contacted White House Counsel Greg Craig late last month to withdraw his objections to the nomination of the prosecutor, Sally Q. Yates, for U.S. Attorney in Atlanta. Two government officials with knowledge of the matter described the calls.

It’s rather galling that Lewis won’t even deny the accusations of corruption (or seeking to protect his allies) himself; instead, he dispatches an aide to say the objection was “based on candidate qualifications.”


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