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Culture of Corruption, Part Fourteen

The Tennessee Valley Authority’s inspector general’s report, on Rep. Heath Shuler (D., N.C.):

[The report] said that “Congressman Shuler contributed to the appearance of preferential treatment by continuing to pursue water access for Blackberry while a part owner of Blackberry and while sitting on a congressional committee with direct oversight of the very agency from which Blackberry was seeking a permit for water access. The appearance of preferential treatment was exacerbated by Shuler’s representatives dropping Shuler’s name with TVA employees.”

The IG’s findings also made reference to a separate report that contains matters which are being referred to the House Ethics Committee. “The TVA OIG has no jurisdiction over the conduct of a United States Congressman and we make no judgment as to whether Congressman Shuler’s actions connected to the Blackberry Cove matter violate any existing ethical standard,” the document said.

John Edwards, Mike Easley, and now Heath Shuler. Those North Carolina Democrats sure know how to pick them, huh?


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Rat Patrol

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